Hei Sei Collection
Series of Illustrations about the Japanese Era
(Hei Sei period of Japanese history)
Hei Sei Game Card Foo Foo
I wanted to draw out the signature action, which could be commonly seen during Hei Sei Era
(Blowing air into the game card such as gameboy, super famicom once the game card dose not work)
This collection is dedicated to the memorial of finishing of Hei Sei Era
All the objects surrounded were born in Hei Sei Era
Hei Sei's Last Summer
These three pieces are the counter pieces to the most popular hashtag on twitter in 2018
"Hei Sei's Last Summer"
Summer equal to Parfait, Watermelon, Cold Noodles
All the patterns and elements are the Hei Sei born objects 
Created in 2018
#Heisei #Editorial #FoodIllustration #Pattern